Personalized Desk Calendars

Calendars with Your Branding and Recipients Photos

Only service that enables you and your customers to customize photo calendars.

Elevate calendar personalization with our one-of-a-kind service: create a branded calendar, share a digital link, and empower your customers to craft their own photo-filled desk calendars.

Spread the love this Valantine Day with our calendars – a perfect way to bond and connect. Plus, enjoy a 25% savings on your purchase!

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Effortlessly create your branded calendar and dispatch digital links to recipients in under three minutes – experience the simplicity today.

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Discover our stunning uAlbums 2024 calendar – personalize it with your photos by clicking here and receive a complimentary printed desk calendar.

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Pay As You Go

Create branded calendars and send digital links at no initial cost. Pay only when a calendar is downloaded, at a minimal fee that covers personalization, printing, and mailing.

Pre-purchase Credits

Maximize savings by pre-purchasing a set number of calendar credits and enjoy discounts of up to 50%. These credits have no expiration date, offering a smart and cost-effective solution.

How It Works?

Step 1: Select Your Layout

For Corporations: Choose a professional layout designed to reflect corporate identity and values, perfect for enhancing your brand’s presence in offices and meetings.

For Businesses with Agents: Opt for a customizable template that allows individual agents to personalize their calendars, ideal for real estate, insurance, and sales professionals.

For Personal Use: Select from a variety of fun and creative designs that make your calendar a unique reflection of you or a special gift for someone.

Step 2: Customize with Your Branding

Company Name and Logo: Incorporate your business name and logo prominently on each page to increase brand recognition and loyalty among your clients.

Contact Information: Add your phone numbers, website, and email addresses, ensuring your clients have easy access to your contact information throughout the year.

Unique Branding Elements: Utilize your brand’s colors, fonts, and other distinctive elements to create a calendar that is truly a representation of your corporate identity.

Step 3: Share and Personalize

Send a Personalized Link: Distribute a unique link to your customers, inviting them to engage with your brand by personalizing their calendar with their own photos.

Easy Photo Customization: Your customers can easily upload and arrange their favorite photos, adding a personal touch to the calendar you’ve provided.

Print and Enjoy: Once personalized, your customers can order a printed copy of their custom calendar, ensuring your brand stays in view all year long.

Do you want your business card to be on potential customers’ desks all year?

That is precisely what our customizable calendars do. Personalizable calendars can be created and sent to potential clients in under 3 minutes. Your clients can personalize them by including photos and ordering a printed copy to keep on their desk.

uAlbums is the only company that allows you and your customers to customize calendars and receive a printed copy.


Create and send a digital calendar via email, email signatures or SMS. It takes about 3 minutes to create and send.


Customers can customize their calendars with photos and receive a printed calendar for 2024.

It’s their personal photo album with your name on it.


Personalized Desk Calendars

In less than three minutes, create and send a digital calendar that is uniquely yours. Your customers will personalize the 2024 desk calendar with their images and receive a printed copy. This calendar is assured to remain on the customer desk throughout 2024, always bringing your name to their attention.

How to send?

  • Email Service from Us: Utilize our dedicated email service to efficiently send out personalized calendar links to your mailing list, ensuring a seamless delivery directly from our platform.
  • Self-Distributed Links: You have the flexibility to distribute calendar links yourself, offering a personal touch in your communications, whether through direct messaging, emails, or social media.
  • QR Code in Mail Marketing: Incorporate a QR code into your physical mail marketing materials, providing recipients with an instant, scan-and-access option to view and personalize their calendars.
  • Email Signatures: Add the calendar link to the email signatures of your sales and marketing team, turning every email they send into an opportunity for brand promotion.
  • On Your Website: Feature the calendar prominently on your website, inviting visitors to click and personalize their own copy, enhancing user engagement and brand visibility.
  • Business Cards at Events: Include the calendar link or QR code on business cards distributed at events, making it a unique talking point and a memorable takeaway for your contacts.