How to send persoanlized calendars as corporate gift

Choose from our range of templates tailored to your role and requirements. We offer options for various roles and industries

  1. Corporate: Create branded cards featuring your company logo, photos, and contact information.
  2. Agents: Customize calendars with specific individual details. For instance, real estate agents can promote themselves while still representing their company
  3. Personal Use: Select templates for crafting holiday calendars. Even businesses can utilize these templates for corporate calendar needs without personalized user information. We offer bulk printing and shipping for your convenience


We provide two types of links for personalized calendars:

  1. User-Specific Links (Email or Phone-Tied): When a user clicks this link, we validate their identity by sending a One-Time Password (OTP) to their email or phone number. This link is unique to each user and is ideal for e-card or SMS campaigns.
  2. Generic Links: Generate a link that can be shared on your website, via email, or on social media. These links are not tied to specific users but can be monitored from the dashboard to track orders and approvals.

Add to email signature.

W found adding to email signature is most effective way send links to customers and stay on their desk. We see 30% order ratio for know list and 15% with new list.

Add to Website

Add link on your website s that visitors can download a printed calendar.